Choose the Right Insurance Plan

Picking An Insurance Plan to Meet Your Needs and Budget

How to Choose the Right Insurance Plan

When selecting a health insurance Nevada plan, you will want to weigh all of your options before picking. It is important that you do not leave yourself exposed to high-cost sharing as well as spending too much on your premium. There are many different factors to consider so you choose the right insurance plan. This could be your age, the number of providers in your area, or how often you take prescriptions or need to see the doctor. Speaking with a health insurance broker in our office will help you go over your options so you can make a confident decision.

Your Age

Most younger individuals hardly use their health insurance plan. This may lead you to feel that if you are young and healthy, then you should simply buy the least expensive policy. Although, it is important to understand that the monthly cost for a plan is only based on your age. Also, this cost goes up exponentially as you age. So even though a young person might not use the plan, the difference between a bronze and a gold choice is very minimal. Being on a gold plan could save you thousands if something major happens.

On the other side, an older individual might want to purchase a plan with better benefits since they may see the doctor often or need regular medical services. Although, the price difference may be very significant. Since every plan has a max out of pocket amount, an older individual might save more a year by purchasing a plan with less coverage but also has a much lower premium.

Where You Live

If you live outside of Reno or Las Vegas, you may notice that there are not many doctor offices in your area. Even in the larger cities, the amount of doctors to total population is skewed towards the latter. This means that if you live in a more rural area or if you would like a larger list of doctors to choose from, then you should consider a PPO plan. Although they are more expensive, you may gain access to doctors that are close to home. You may also avoid longer wait times to schedule an appointment with a provider. Many people often have to wait a few weeks and even over a month to see their doctor.

There are additional factors to consider when buying a policy and you generally have only one choice a year. As a Reno health insurance broker, we can shop all plans that are available to choose the right insurance plan to best fit your needs. We also do not cost you any fees for our services. You will always pay the same amount for a plan if you went directly to the insurance company.