Why Should I Buy Health Insurance

Are You Prepared to Face Medical Costs Without Health Insurance?

Why Should I Buy Health Insurance?

This may be a question that many of you, who are shopping for health insurance, might ask. Many times, individuals focus on certain smaller benefits that the plan provides. These could be how much you pay if you visit a doctor or if the plan includes dental coverage. While low copays and add ons can be a nice convenience for a health plan, it is not the most important part. Our answer when asked, why should I buy health insurance, is always the same. The reason is the financial protection that policy provides called your maximum out of pocket.

The Number One Reason for Personal Bankruptcy

The number one cause is medical bills. This is because many may not be sure how much major medical services really cost. Quite often an individual will see the cost of a health insurance plan and decide to simply go uninsured. They may not understand the financial risk of this decision, believe that there is some way of covering a catastrophic situation when it happens, or believe it that it just won’t happen to them. Unfortunately, the cost to be in the hospital for a few days without insurance is massive. There is also no way to purchase a plan to cover past expenses. No matter how healthy you are, every day we are at risk of experiencing a serious injury that lands us in the hospital.

How Does Health Insurance Protect This from Happening?

All health insurance plans have a maximum out of pocket. Your policy is not a legal health insurance plan if it does not have this benefit. This benefit limits your expenses to a certain point throughout the year. For every health insurance Nevada plan today, the highest that amount can be is $7,900. If you reach this point in medical spending, you will be covered for 100% of any remaining costs to you until the policy renews. Although this is no small amount of money for many people, it can be a financial lifesaver when faced with a five or six-figure hospital bill. Your health plan will also cover you for many of the follow-up expenses that are associated with major injuries such as doctor visits, imaging, and prescriptions.

As your health insurance broker, we can shop all plans available to you to help find a plan fit for your needs. We also do not cost you anything to use. There are no fees for our services and you will always pay the same price if you were to go directly to the insurance company..