Insurance No Longer Covers Doctor

What If Your Insurance Stops Covering Your Doctor?

Your Insurance No Longer Covers Your Doctor

You have just received a letter that your insurance no longer covers your doctor which is part of a particular provider group. Every now and then, a contract between an insurance carrier and medical group will terminate. This may happen due to the carrier and medical group not coming to an agreement on how much to charge for services. It could also happen due to a carrier leaving a particular market or area. Unfortunately, your insurance provider does not need to cover a certain doctor. This is true even if you have been regularly seeing your provider for many years.

Can You Choose New Insurance Now?

Losing insurance coverage for a doctor is not considered a qualifying life event. Some examples of qualifying life events include losing an insurance policy involuntarily, moving to a new state, or getting married. This means that you will not be able to choose a new insurance plan that starts as soon as next month that covers your doctor. Currently in Nevada, there is a 90 day waiting period to enroll in a health insurance plan without a qualifying life event. Although, this 90 day waiting period might be ending completely due to new state regulations. This would mean that the only time you could choose a new insurance policy would be during open enrollment.

What Are Your Options?

You can find a new health insurance Nevada plan that covers your current doctor. This may mean that you have to wait 90 days to see them until your new policy is effective. You also shop a new policy during open enrollment. Open enrollment always happens at the end of the year and plans start on January 1st. Our office can shop all of your options and search to see which insurance carrier covers your doctor. You may also be able to simply pay cash to your doctor for the time being. Although, uninsured rates for doctors are usually very high and simply unaffordable.

As your health insurance broker, we can help you find a new plan to fit your needs for no additional cost. Our office does not charge any fees and you will always pay the same amount for a plan if you went directly to the insurance company. In addition, we help our clients while they are enrolled. We can resolve any questions or issues you may have with the insurance carrier.