How to Get Renown Covered

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is currently in a contract dispute with Renown Hospital. If Anthem and Renown do not agree on a new contract by July 31st 2019, most insured members with Anthem will not have access to Renown or its doctors. This might be disastrous for people enrolled in Anthem who have doctors at Renown. With any insurance plan, you do not want to go out of network. Because of this, many people are asking how to get Renown covered. Fortunately, there are many insurance plan options that allow you to go to Renown in-network.

Hometown Health

Every year, insurance companies modify their network lists. It is hard to guarantee that a doctor will accept your plan in the future since contracts constantly change. This can make things difficult when you are choosing a policy and trying to get Renown covered. Fortunately, Renown owns an insurance company called Hometown Health. Hometown Health is the only non-profit insurance company in Nevada. Their headquarters is also located here in Reno. Best of all, all insured members with Hometown Health can access Renown providers. If you want to shop for Hometown Health plans, click here to receive a free quote.

Also, Hometown Health has a sister company called Senior Care Plus. Senior Care Plus covers Renown as well. This insurance company only offers Part C Medicare Advantage plans.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Since Renown accepts Medicare today, Renown is obligated to accept all Medicare Supplement plans, including Anthem. Even though the current contract dispute is between Renown and Anthem, all Anthem Medigap members can still receive care are Renown. This is because the Medigap contract with Renown is between the hospital and the federal government, not Anthem. All Medigap carriers use the same list of doctors, which can be found here.

Other Options

There are many other insurance companies available in Nevada. Depending on your eligibility, you may qualify for plans in the individual and family market, group health plan coverage, or Medicare. If you want Renown covered, you need to determine what plans you qualify for first. We recommend consulting one of our brokers to determine your eligibility. Our licensed brokers do not charge fees and can help you understand your current plan or we can help you enroll in new coverage. Once we know your eligibility, we can determine what plans are available to enroll in so we can get Renown covered.