Enrollment Store opens in Northern Nevada

The Silver State Exchange has announced that they will be operating new enrollment stores, in Reno and Las Vegas, during this year’s “Open Enrollment” period.

The Reno enrollment stores are located in Southeast Reno. They are not far from Meadowood Mall, at 3937 South McCarran Blvd, across the street from the car wash. Located at the southwest corner Longley and Peckham Lanes.

The Enrollment stores will be open from 9:30 am until 7:00 pm every day. They also have expanded hours on the 15th of each month. The Reno store will be staffed with 4 health insurance brokers, 4 Enrollment Assisters, and 2 Medicaid specialist. They will help find health coverage at the lowest price, regardless of income level.

Since all Nevadan’s will need to re-enroll in order to keep their prior health insurance coverage in force, the enrollment store will help individuals and families complete their re-applications. It will help those that have will be signing up for the first time. The Enrollment Stores will have all of the information about all of the health insurance plans available through the Nevada Exchange website.

This year, there will be 5 insurance companies offering a combined total of over 150 different health insurance plans. There are 5 companies offering health insurance through the Exchange. This includes Health Plan of Nevada, Saint Mary’s, the Nevada Health Co-Op, Anthem, and Assurant.

Five Certified health insurance brokers from Health Benefits Associates will be on hand at different times at the Reno Enrollment Store throughout this year’s enrollment period. In addition, all five of the HBA Brokers will be able to help anyone that may need individual attention renewing or making a new application for health insurance.

If you would like to set an informal appointment at our 3716 Lakeside Drive Enrollment Facility. You can also call us at 828-1216.