Enrollment Store

Reno Enrollment Store helps Nevadans

The Northern Nevada Reno Enrollment Store officially made its grand opening last Saturday the 15th. Yesterday the 17th over 40 individuals visited the store. Visitors included a mix of Medicaid, Nevada Checkup, Tax Credit Qualified and Non-Tax Credit Qualified individuals. As open enrollment continues, individuals still have until December 15th to enroll in a qualified health plan. As a result, early visitors avoided a gap in coverage beginning January 1st. From the time I spent in the  Reno enrollment store, here is a short list of some of the most confusing issues clients are facing for 2015 open enrollment:

Full Metal Prices

This year all Nevada Health Link participants will switch to Healthcare.gov or face the full price of their plans. Beginning this month, insurance companies will send a full-price (non subsidized) bill for January. This will put many APTC eligible clients in a state of shock. In order to avoid this, we need to re-enroll in Healthcare.gov and get the subsidy back. In-person help is available in the Reno enrollment store or at our location on Lakeside Drive in Reno.

To re-enroll or not to re-enroll

States who ran with the federal exchange last year will be RE-enrolling on healthcare.gov. Regardless if they participated in Health Link for 2014, Nevadans will not technically be re-enrolling. Many will be enrolling for the first time on Healthcare.gov. Many members who participated in Nevada Health Link for 2014 mistakenly visit the healthcare.gov website and select “I’d like to re-enroll”. They use their Nevada Health Link username and password just to find it doesn’t work on healthcare.gov. None of the Nevada Health Link information transferred to Healthcare.gov. These are two different websites and they did not transfer any information. All (few exceptions) Nevadans need to act as if they’re enrolling for the first time when they visit healthcare.gov this year.

Slight plan changes on exchange

The biggest plans changes we saw for those who participated last year is the max out-of-pocket went up from $6,350 to $6,600. Doctors lists HAVE changed, so if one of the insurance companies you prefer didn’t cover your favorite doctor last year, check again! You can find a comprehensive list of Doctors who accept Nevada Health Link here!

Big changes off exchange

All non-grandfathered off exchange plans need to come in to compliance with the affordable care act by the end of this year. Even grandfathered plans will likely see large rate increases as insurers try to brace for the impact of non-health underwritten individual policies. Many of these individuals are finding on-exchange options or group options more affordable.