Faith Based Plans in Nevada

Difference Between the ACA and Faith Based Plans

Faith Based Plans in Nevada

There are many types of health policies that you can buy in Nevada. Of course, you have your traditional health insurance that covers large major medical expenses as well as other less expensive medical services. There are also faith based plans in Nevada that you can purchase. These are plans where you submit a statement of belief in Christianity and pay a monthly membership fee. In return, you, as well as other people who have joined the plan, will share medical expenses for common services.

The Differences

The major difference between regular health insurance and faith based plans in Nevada is that there is no maximum out of pocket for a faith plan. Your maximum out of pocket is the total amount of dollars you can spend on medical expenses in a year. After that, you are covered for 100% of any remaining costs. Currently, in Nevada, that amount is $7,900. With a faith plan, this limit does not exist. You may be reimbursed a flat amount if you go to the hospital, but there is no limit on what the provider can charge you and what you will be responsible for. The emergency room and hospital are some of the most expensive services you can receive in the United States. It can be financially devastating to use those services if you do not have insurance.

All health insurance Nevada plans are regulated by the Nevada Division of Insurance. This means that if an insurance company is not paying a claim they agreed to pay and is committing fraud, there is a regulating body that you may appeal to that can help resolve the problem. Faith based plans do not have to submit any documentation or adhere to a governing body.

If you have any questions or concerns about your current health insurance situation then please give our office a call. As your health insurance broker, we can answer any questions you have about your plan. We can also show you prices for every option in Nevada. Our office does not charge any fees for this service and you will always pay the same amount for the plan whether or not you use us.