Moving to Nevada Health Insurance

Switching to a Nevada Health Insurance Plan

Moving to Nevada

It can be difficult to know how your health insurance needs will be met when moving to a new state. More than likely your plan will either not continue once you move out of the service area or not cover you properly. There are also many variables to consider when moving such as new doctors that are in-network, the timing to apply to avoid a gap in coverage, and which company will be the best fit for your situation. It can be very time consuming to speak to every insurance company and receive a quote. This is where our office comes in. We can help guide you through every aspect if you are moving to Nevada and need health insurance.

Individuals and Families

Unlike other states, it is possible to apply for coverage mid-year in Nevada. In addition, if you are moving to a new area then you may have an opportunity to get coverage immediately. Currently, there are a total of three health insurance Nevada companies to choose from. Depending on where you move and the coverage you are looking for, we will narrow down which one to enroll with. As your health insurance broker, we can ensure that the company you choose will best fit your needs and walk you through the application process.


If you are currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement plan, you will have the option of switching your coverage. While most Medicare Supplement plans have a national doctor list, you will need to switch Medicare Advantage plans that work similar to individual policies. Speaking with a health insurance broker in our office will ensure you do not miss your time to apply and void any late fees. You will also be able to compare every company offering Medicare plans.

If you are moving to Nevada and need health insurance, please give our office a call. We do not charge fees and are available all year. Our brokers also assist our clients with any problems or questions they have throughout the year.