Group Insurance Enrollments

Your Business Does Not Need to Do This Alone

Group Insurance Enrollments

As a health insurance broker, our services do not stop at finding you a health plan. Owners and administrators can often be swamped with work and tasks that are difficult and time-consuming. Administering your health plan does not have to be one of them. Your insurance broker should be offering a host of services to help make your policy simple and take as much work off your plate as possible. The most common of these tasks is group insurance enrollments.

Employee Changes

You most likely have constant changes to your group census. This could be new employees coming on to the policy, employees leaving the company or other changes to someone’s plan. Adding and removing employees is actually more difficult than it sounds. If done incorrectly, employees can be excluded from benefits until the next open enrollment. They could also be charged for prior months premiums even if they did not use the plan. Since our office does numerous enrollments a day for all our employer groups, we can submit these correctly with exactly the right timing that you, as the owner, wants.

Complimentary Software

In addition to doing enrollments, our office also offers a completely complimentary online enrollment service. This software allows employees to log in to their personal account and access all information related to any insurance policy the company has. Employees will be able to make changes, update information, enroll in new plans, and see exactly how their changes will affect the deductions coming out of their paycheck. This also has the ability to create payroll deduction reports for company administrators in charge of processing payroll for the business. Open enrollment for your business can be completely automated without employees having to fill out a single sheet of paper.

Please give our office a call if you need any assistance with your current small group health insurance plan. In addition, there are zero fees or costs to take advantage of these services.