Confusion with Medicaid Persist

Medicaid Expansion

We have had many inquiries regarding Nevada Medicaid participants struggling with their health plans. Due to the federally mandated requirements affecting the Medicaid expansion program, Nevadans have been experiencing adverse side effects with their medical benefits.

The state of Nevada added 41% more Medicaid enrollees so far this year. In addition, the expanded enrollment reduced the availability of physicians and specialists statewide. To add fuel to the fire, glitches in NV Health Link’s software accidentally enrolled members into Medicaid. This created more confusion to the overcrowded state provision. The state of Nevada estimates that it will spend between $187 Million to $338 Million. This is to cover the new applicants during the first three years of Medicaid’s expansion. The program expanded its eligibility requirements starting January 1, 2014. With a budget stretched thin, brokers are stepping up to the plate to help. They are able to assist both new applicants as well as existing members with policy issues.

Here at Health Benefits Associates, our brokers will calculate as well as determine your eligibility. Our goal is to help clients enroll in the policies they need for health care.

Many Nevada Medicaid patients are questioning the number of available providers, as they are forced to wait weeks if not months for an appointment with their physician.

With an overpopulated system, members are looking to providers to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, providers are experiencing the burden of expansion as hospitals must borrow millions of dollars to cover the overflow of Medicaid participants. The taxpayer-supported University Medical Center (UMC) was one of the facilities affected. UMC borrowed $45 million dollars just four months into 2014’s Open Enrollment. Nevada’s state exchange, NV Health Link, experienced unforeseen technical difficulties.  Therefore this created a statewide Medicaid drama.

Xerox, NV Health Link’s software administrator, incorrectly enrolled members into Medicaid due to system errors. Thousands of Nevadans are receiving Medical enrollment approvals for Medicaid even though they did not apply. Xerox is currently working to resolve the glitch.

With hundreds of thousands of applicants affected by Medicaid’s expansion, brokers are vigorously working around the clock. We are here assist fellow Nevadans with their insurance. Feel free to contact us at (775) 828-1216 and we will assist you with your eligibility.

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