Nevada Health Coverage

You Could Be Eligible for Many Different Health Markets

Nevada Health Coverage

There are generally three health insurance markets that our office can help you enroll in. Those are individuals and families, Medicare, and small groups. Depending on which market you are in, there will be various different Nevada health coverage options. Some insurance carriers operate in all three markets while some only sell plans in one. Just because one choice is good in one market, does not mean that it is the best choice in another. Please contact our office if you would like help from a Reno health insurance broker and we can help you find a plan for no fees or additional cost to your plan. Below is a brief explanation of each market.

Individual and Family

If you do not have coverage from an employer or you are a sole business owner with no employees then you fit under this category unless you are eligible for Medicare. These plans also work great to fill in gaps in coverage. To enroll in one of these plans midyear, you need a qualifying life event. This could be losing coverage, moving to a new state, and many others. If you do not have a qualifying life event you can enroll during the Open Enrollment period. This lasts from November 1st to December 15th. You can get prices for plans right now on our individual health page.


Most people that are eligible for Medicare are either turning 65 years old or are eligible due to disability. If you just signed up for Parts A and B, you will be eligible for either a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan. Each of these plans has pros and cons so it is important to discuss these options with a health insurance broker. If you already have Medicare, you might want to consider switching plans during the Annual Enrollment Period. This goes from October 15th to December 7th each year. It is good to always check your plan during this time in case there are new Nevada health coverage options that provide you with a better plan.

Small Group

Small group coverage is eligible to businesses that have 2 to 50 full time, non-related employees. Unfortunately, a husband and wife cannot be the only employees signing up for a group plan. There are many different carrier options for group plans. There are also numerous requirements to stay compliant and avoid penalties. Our office provides no-cost consultation to help set up group plans and will also maintain your plan throughout the year. If you are a business owner, we can take a considerable amount of work off of your plate so you can focus on other aspects of your business. You can get quotes for these plans be completing a small group quote request form.