Nevada Health Insurance Plans

Buying Outside of Open Enrollment

Nevada Health Insurance Plans

Open enrollment for health insurance Nevada policies is now over for the upcoming 2019 year. Fortunately, in Nevada, this does not mean that you cannot still get a plan. Unlike other states, Nevada has a 90-day waiting period for individuals that want to enroll mid-year. Although, you can avoid this waiting period if you have a qualified life event. Qualified life events allow you to purchase Nevada health insurance plans starting as soon as the 1st of the following month you completed the application.

Examples of Qualified Life Events

There can be many reasons that allow you a special enrollment period. The event must have happened in the last 60 days. The most common are moving here from another state or losing coverage from an employer. If you recently moved to Nevada, your current policy may not cover you at all. Even if it does, it may be very hard to find doctors that are contracted with the insurance. Providing documents that show your previous out of state address and new address are enough to confirm the move. If you are losing coverage from your employer, then a COBRA notice or letter of termination of benefits will also work. You review the video below for additional qualifying life events.

Why the Insurance Company Requires This Information

Many clients ask why there is a waiting period to enroll or why they cannot get coverage now. This is because actual insurance plans cover pre-existing conditions and do not have a long list of exclusions. Other policies that you can purchase at any time will only reimburse you for very specific services on very rare occasions. If the plan you intend on buying states you can start it as soon as tomorrow, it will most likely have an exclusion on any major service and never pay out a claim. Real insurance plans have this waiting period so that a consumer cannot pay one months premium, claim on medical services well above the premium amount, and then drop the coverage. Since Nevada health insurance plans will pay out claims, the insurance company could lose a significant amount of money.

If you have further questions about Reno health insurance or are interested in enrolling in a plan then please give our office a call. We are a local health insurance broker in Reno and do not charge our clients fees.