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Avoid Overpaying for Medical Services

Reno Doctors

If you recently purchased a Reno health insurance policy during open enrollment, you will want to ensure you go to doctors that are contracted with your insurance. Although there may be many Reno doctors in your area, they may not all be covered. Ensuring the doctors that you do see are contracted, will help save the most amount of money. Seeing doctors that are not contracted could result in being charged the full amount for the service.


A Reno doctor that is contracted with your insurance is considered in-network. This means that your health insurance Nevada company has already negotiated with that provider on the cost for services. This is called the contracted rate and is almost always significantly lower. Even if you do not have a co-pay for a service, walking in with a qualified medical card will allow you to get the contracted rate. As your health insurance broker, our office can search doctors with every major provider for you. This can help ensure you are paying the lowest possible rate when seeing a provider.

Out of Network

A provider that does not accept your insurance is out of network. This means they will bill you for the full charge that they have set for the service. Since your insurance has not negotiated with the provider for you, the amount can be very high. There may be a time where only one doctor can provide you with the service you need, but they are out of network. In this instance, you may be able to speak to your insurance company and get prior authorization. This means that due to the circumstances, the insurance company will cover a visit or service. Although, this must be done before the service or it will not be covered.

If you have any questions or are interested in our services, then please call our office. We are a local broker in Reno and do not charge you fees. Adding us as your broker will not increase your premium or cost you any extra amount.