Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association Health Plan

Hotel & Lodging Association Plan

Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association Health Plan

Nevada recently received yet another association option for small businesses. Prominence Health Plan will be backing the Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association Health Plan. Prominence has released numerous association health plans this year. Currently, Nevada is one of the leaders in the nation offering lower costing health plans to small businesses. If you would like to see association plans for your business, a health insurance broker can provide you with a no-cost quote and assistance.

Comprehensive Benefits

If your business is part of the Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association, or possibly qualifies, there are many benefits the plan offers other than discounted medical rates. Employers can also add life, dental, and vision along with other ancillary policies. Therefore, you can add a full benefits package for your employees helping attract and retain talent. Prominence also provides COBRA administration your business. You will only need this if your business has 20 or more full-time employees. In addition, you will have access to Teladoc services, Prominence’s personalized wellness program, and bill negotiating assistance. The medical plan options include HMO and PPO choices. You can also include HSA eligible plans.


Businesses operating in most Nevada counties or Carson City will be within the service area. You must also have at least two full-time employees. Although, the employees cannot be related. This means that companies with just a husband and wife would be excluded. Your business must also be part of the group to be eligible for the Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association Health Plan. If you qualify but are not with the association, you may join at the time of quoting and be accepted. Currently, businesses can enroll effective July 1st, 2019. New business, not currently with Prominence, can enroll after that with a first of the following month effective date.

If you have any questions about the plans or your eligibility as an employer then please do not hesitate to give our office a call. We quote all health insurance Nevada plans for no additional cost to you. We also provide assistance to our clients during the year and help solve any issues that they may face.