Nevada Medicare

Nevada Medicare

In the past, Nevada Medicare plans have been the simple option for individuals turning 65. However, the transition to new Nevada Medicare plans may not be as simple today. Many seniors in Nevada realize that original Medicare Nevada parts A and B do not cover all medical expenses.

Part A – The Hospital

Medicare Nevada part A is known as the hospital coverage. It’s designed to cover you in case of a hospital stay, skilled nursing care, some nursing home health care, hospice and home health services. Part A does have a deductible. For 2018, the Medicare Part A deductible is $1,340.

This is a deductible per Benefit Period, not per year. There is an important difference. A benefit period begins when you enter the hospital or begin using the benefits. It ends when you are out for 60 days in a row. This means your deductible could reset multiple times throughout the year, which is not good.

For the monthly cost – part A is free for people who have worked and paid into Medicare for over 10 years. Medicare deductions are taken from most standard W-2 employee’s paychecks. If you have worked between 7.5 and 10 years, you have a monthly premium of around $232 for 2018. If you’ve worked less than 7.5 years your monthly premium is $422 for 2018.

Part B – The Doctors Office

Nevada Medicare part B is known as the medical insurance coverage. This coverage is most well known for covering doctor’s office visits but it can be used for multiple services. It covers things such as clinical research, ambulance services, mental health services as well as others. For 2018, the Medicare Part B deductible is $183 per year (not per benefit period as it is in part A).

For many residents buying health insurance Nevada plans, part B may vary in cost. The standard Part B premium is $134. This could be less if it’s taken out of Social Security ($130) or if you qualify for the Medicare Savings Program. It could also be more expensive depending on your income.

Additional Options – Supplement and Advantage Plans

Overall, original Medicare parts A and B leave a lot of costs to the member. To help with some of these costs and to add additional benefits, many people decide to purchase something extra. By choosing a Medicare Advantage Reno plan then members can fill in some of these gaps. Many Medicare Advantage Reno plans allow you to add prescription benefits and do not require health questions to be answered. These can only be applied for during certain times of the year.

The other option to help control some of these costs is to apply for a Medicare Supplement Reno plan. These Medicare Supplement Reno plans offer options that don’t leave any costs to the member for things such as doctors office visits, surgeries, and hospital stays.

The Supplement plan may require you to purchase a separate drug plan. Medicare Part D can be issued from a completely separate company than the Medicare Supplement.

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