NV Realtor Association Health Plan

New Health Plan for Nevada Realtors

NV Realtor Association Health Plan

Another recent addition to the association health plan market is now available in Nevada. The Nevada Realtors Association has teamed up with local Reno health insurance provider Hometown Health to give Nevada residents new insurance options. As with the other association health plans, there are significant savings when compared to private individual rates. The NV Realtor Association Health Plan works as a large group to provide subscribers with better rates for an almost identical plan.

Requirements to Enroll

Consumers wishing to enroll must be an active member with the Nevada Realtors and provide proof of membership. You must also be a sole proprietor that has a Nevada Business License and no other full time W-2 employees. If you have these two items, you will most likely be able to enroll in the association. Although, there are other forms and applications that you will need to complete. Our office has access to every other item that you will need and will walk you through the process for no extra charge to you.

Plan Benefits

Although these plans are less expensive, you do not sacrifice benefits for the cost. Members generally see savings from 10 to 25 percent and the design of the plan changes very little. Association health plans still guaranteed issue and are fully ACA compliant. The main differences between traditional ACA plans and these policies are:

  • Does not cover hearing aids
  • Does not cover infertility treatment
  • Skilling nursing is 60 days of coverage instead of 100

If you are a current Hometown Health Member, you will still have access to all the same doctors and providers as before. Members will also have 9 PPO and 9 HMO plans to choose from. These plans range from bronze to gold options similar to the current market for health insurance Nevada plans.

As your health insurance broker, we do not charge fees for our services. We can help you enroll in a policy for no extra charge to you. You will also pay the same amount for the plan regardless if you use our services. In addition, we help our clients with any issues or questions while they are enrolled and provide them with immediate support during the year.