Out of State Doctors Nevada

Can I See a Doctor out of State with My Health Insurance Plan?

Out of State Doctors with Nevada Insurance

If you have an individual or family health insurance plan, you may be wondering if you can see out of state doctors with Nevada insurance. The short answer is no. Unfortunately, there is no individual plan that you can buy that has a national network. Although, it does not mean you are totally out of luck if you have a serious injury while traveling. All health insurance plans have emergency coverage out of state. Every legal health insurance plan must have this benefit.

What to Do If You Experience an Injury Outside of Nevada

If it is a life-threatening or otherwise serious injury or illness, seek medical help right away. Claims can always be reviewed and appealed and in most cases, an emergency such as this is covered. You will typically pay what the cost would be if you went to an in-network facility. Once you are stable, you can expect to be moved to somewhere that is in-network. If you experience a minor injury that you feel you need to see a doctor for, the best thing you can do is to call the insurance company. Most health insurance Nevada companies have national networks but do not extend them to individuals. They may be able to allow you access to a provider close by to help get the care you need.

What You Should Watch out for When Buying a Plan

There are many policies that you can find that may advertise national networks. The plan may also say that you can visit any doctor you like. Once again, there are no out of state doctors with Nevada insurance for individuals and families that are covered as of 2019. Any plan that advertises a national doctor list does not have contracts with providers. This means that the provider can charge any amount they like and bill you directly. You are instructed by your plan to then submit a claim for reimbursement but more than likely, your policy will have an exclusion to not pay out a dime. In addition, plans like these are not regulated by any governing body. Therefore if the company wants to deny a claim, then they can do so without repercussions.

Please give our office a call if you have any questions or would like to see health insurance plans and prices. As your health insurance broker, we can show you all your options that are available for no extra fees or premiums.