Prominence Medicare Plans in Reno

All These Extra Benefits for No Premium??

Prominence Medicare Plans in Reno

If you are coming up on your 65th birthday or you currently have Medicare, you probably get a lot of mail and advertisements about different Medicare plans. There a ton of options and different plan choices which makes picking difficult and confusing. If you are having trouble going through these choices, it is always a great idea to speak with a health insurance broker. Our office will give you a no-cost consultation on your current Medicare plan and help you find the best option for your situation. One of those options is Prominence Medicare Plans in Reno Nevada.

What Type of Medicare Plan Is It?

Prominence Medicare plans are Medicare Advantage plans. Medicare Advantage is one of two options that you can go with. A plan like this will fill in the gaps Original Medicare does not cover. The other is a Medicare Supplement Plan. Medicare Advantage plans are described by the Center of Medicare Services as an all in one package and Prominence Medicare plans in Reno are no exception to this. You will find that these plans provide coverage for many additional services as well as major medical needs.

Extra Benefits?

In addition to covering your medical needs, Prominence plans also cover dental and vision services. Other benefits include hearing aids, gym services, an over the counter allowance, and many others! In addition to these extra benefits, it does not cost you any additional premium to add them and they get rolled right into the medical policy. If you are looking for a low costing plan that provides a comprehensive package of benefits, a Prominence plan might be a great way to go.

How Is the Medical Coverage?

Prominence Medicare plans have no monthly premiums but still provide excellent cost-sharing to its members. The plan has copays that are very inexpensive and are even sometimes zero! You will usually pay little to no expenses for your typical medical services. The plan also includes prescription drug coverage. You will not need a separate Part D drug plan with this policy.