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Medicare Plans in Nevada

Prominence Medicare Plans

When you become eligible for Medicare, there can seem like an infinite amount of plan choices. You have most likely received a large amount of mail and information about what policy you should choose. Before picking a plan, it is important to know all of your options first. In some cases, choosing one plan could mean that you are locked out of other choices later on in life. One particular carrier here in Nevada is Prominence Medicare Plans. Prominence offers a wide range of coverage to health care consumers including a Nevada Medicare Advantage plan.

What is Medicare Advantage?

These plans are one of the choices for those that have their Medicare Parts A and B from the federal government. Parts A and B only cover about 80% of your medical expenses and completely exclude prescription drugs. Therefore, it is important to add coverage to fill those holes. A Medicare Advantage plan does just that. Your Advantage plan will now cover the majority of your medical expenses at a low copay amount. In addition, Advantage plans have a maximum out of pocket. This is the total amount in medical expenses you will be allowed to pay in a year before the insurance company must cover you for 100% of any remaining costs.

What Else Do Advantage Plans Cover Besides Medical Expenses?

Most Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage in the policy. You will not need to buy a separate drug policy if this is the case. In addition to drugs, many Advantage plans also include dental, vision, hearing, and gym benefits. Many consumers usually ask how much it costs extra to enroll in one of these plans. The answer is usually zero extra monthly premiums. Most Medicare Advantage plans in Nevada only require that you keep paying your Part B monthly premium to the government and will not charge you for enrolling in their plan. Prominence Medicare Advantage plans offer many of these services to their members.

If you need help enrolling in a Medicare plan or you would just like to review your options, a health insurance broker can be a great place to start. You can sit down with one of our brokers for no charge and discuss your different options to find a policy that is best for you.