Prominence Member Services and their Revitalized Insurance Experience

Prominence Health Plan, a local insurance company in Nevada, has member services that offer more than your standard insurance products. Member services

As one of the more progressive insurance companies in the area, Prominence has re-tooled their member services. The experience has certainly improved over the past few years. Prominence has integrated preventative care programs, the Accolade call center, and Teledoc. As a result, Prominence Member Services program is shaping up to be one of the most popular among Nevadans.

With HealthCare Reform, the Prominence Member Services department integrated Preventative Care benefits into their health insurance plans. Prominence’s Qualified Health Plans offer free Preventative Care services to ensure its members maintain a healthy lifestyle, free of charge. These services range from free preventative flu shots to free preventative colonoscopies. For a full listing of preventative care and benefits, please visit the Division of Insurance’s website.

Are you tired of waiting on hold for your insurance company’s customer service department?

Prominence Member Services recently partnered with a company named Accolade to solve headaches like this. An Accolade representative will represent you and your family when you call the first time. You will have the direct phone extension of your Accolade representative and can call with billing, claims, and health questions. This unique concierge service is th best in the current insurance market making Prominence a leader in member resolution.

With the help of your designated Accolade representative, you can access medical assistance with a physician over the phone using Teledoc. Teledoc uses licensed medical providers to assist members over the phone with medical issues and questions. Instead of waiting in line at the doctor’s office, Teledoc’s services can circumvent wasted time. They do this by allowing you to consult a physician over the phone. Teledoc’s services can also help you if you are out of the area. You can consult a physician and get a prescription while you are out of town. This resource will help HMO members reduce medical costs by staying in-network when out of the service area.

With these integrated benefits at Prominence, insured members have a completely new experience with their insurance plan. The revitalized approach within the Prominence Member Services department will help you stay healthy while keeping your wallet happy. Give Matt Law a call at (775) 828-1216 if you are interested in a Prominence Health Plan. He can find the right plan for you. Matt Law is a licensed broker who will guide you through the insurance process, free of charge.