Purchasing Health Insurance on Your Own

No Cost Help with Health Insurance

Purchasing Health Insurance on Your Own

It may have been quite a while since you last shopped around for health insurance. The majority of Americans receive their coverage from their employer or have Medicare coverage. For those leaving their job, moving to a new area, or losing coverage some other way, looking for a new option can be very difficult. This is especially true if it has been more than a few years since you last looked. More than likely, the insurance industry has changed substantially. Below is a brief overview of the various ways to purchase a Nevada health insurance plan on your own.

The Options

There are really three different types of health insurance markets in Nevada. Those are private plans, subsidized plans, and Medicaid. Private and subsidized plans are policies that are being sold by a health insurance company. While private plans are the most simple plans to enroll in, they are also the most expensive depending on your income. If your annual income is somewhere in between the thresholds for subsidized policies, then you can save on your premium by having the state pay a portion. If your income is over the threshold, then it makes more sense to enroll in a private plan. When your income is below the minimum levels, then you are eligible for Medicaid. Medicaid can only be enrolled in through your state’s Division of Welfare. The single household income requirements for a subsidy in 2020 are $17,237 to $49,960.

Where to Go for Help

If you are purchasing health insurance on your own, speaking with a health insurance broker is a great place to start. Our office can help determine what plans you will be eligible for and how much these plans would cost. In addition, we do not charge any fees or added charges for our services. You can receive a completely no cost quote through our website. You can also apply for subsidized plans through the Nevada HealthLink. This is the state’s health insurance exchange.