Health Insurance After Open Enrollment

I Missed the Deadline. Now What?

Health Insurance After Open Enrollment

The open enrollment period is often a stressful time for many individuals. This is compounded by the confusing health insurance industry that is in a constant state of change. With new plans, premiums, and regulations, it can be very difficult to find a plan and get enrolled before the deadline. This year, getting in before the deadline has been more important than ever. There is no way to purchase an individual plan outside of open enrollment without a qualifying life event. In the past, Nevada has allowed a 90 day waiting period but this rule is no longer in effect.

Qualifying Life Events

To enroll in health insurance Nevada plans mid-year, you must prove that you experienced a qualifying life event to the insurance company. This qualifying life event must have also happened within the last 60 days. You will need to wait until next open enrollment if you miss your 60-day window. It can often take a while to gather the documentation you need for your life event. Do not wait to put in an application because you are having trouble gathering the paperwork. It is always much better to apply as soon as possible and then submit your paperwork at a later date. The insurance company may also give you an extension if you need it.

What Counts as a Qualifying Life Event

The most common is a termination of benefits notice from your prior insurance company. This could be a COBRA notice or any other official document stating your health insurance is ending. It is important to note that termination of your coverage voluntarily or missing premium payments is not a life event. Another very common life event is moving to a new state. If you moved here to Nevada, there are numerous documents that you can submit to prove so. While these are not the only types of life events, these are the most common.

Please give our office a call if you need help finding health insurance after open enrollment or have any general questions about insurance. As a health insurance broker, we can review your documents for no added fees or cost to you and make sure that the insurance company will accept them.