No Re-enrollment – No Tax Credit

If you enrolled for health insurance coverage through the NVHealthlink, re-enrollment is required later this year. This is for coverage during 2015 if you want your tax credit to continue.

Otherwise no re-enrollment = no tax credit. For individuals and families earning less than 400% of the Federal Poverty Level, tax credits are usually available. To get these tax credits, it was necessary to enroll through the NVHealthlink in 2014 as that was the only place for Nevada residents to get tax credits and subsidies.

In 2014 the NVHealthlink had a myriad of problems during Open Enrollment. These continue to have them during the current Special Enrollment period.  Many people are having trouble when enrolling with NVHealthlink. This is because of endless glitches in their programming, causing all kinds of problems. For 2015 enrollments, the NV Health Insurance Exchange has decided it would be wise to make a change. They have decided to use the Federally Facilitated Marketplace.

For whatever reason(s), the information collected during the 2014 enrollments cannot be communicated to the Federal system.  Because of this, everyone who enrolled through the NVHealthlink in 2014 and wants their tax credits to continue will have to enroll again through the federal system for 2015 coverage.

But, don’t worry.

As we did with your 2014 enrollment, we shall make your 2015 enrollment as painless as possible.  We will complete your enrollment correctly and efficiently, and, as always, at no cost to you. Open Enrollment does provide us with a good opportunity to re-evaluate your current plan. We will check benefits and premiums to determine if this is the best match for your needs. If it is, great.  But, if one of the new for 2015 plans has better benefits or costs less, this will be the time to make a change.

Open Enrollment, the time during which you can enroll and freely change plans if you want to, begins 11/15/14 for 2015 coverage.  We are supposed to have information on all 2015 plans by mid-October.  That would be an excellent time for us to look at your situation and talk about the best options for you.  Kindly put a note on your calendar for mid-October and let’s have that conversation.