Reno Association Health Plans

Ensure You Don’t Miss Your Deadline

Reno Association Health Plans

Near the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, Nevada saw a surge in association health plans for small businesses and sole proprietors. The plans have allowed many individuals and companies to save a significant amount. These plans lowered their premium all while keeping the same level of coverage. There is still time to take advantage of the discounts available if you are wondering if you’re eligible. Understanding the timing required for these plans and working with a health insurance broker can ensure you do not miss out on Reno association health plans.

Sole Proprietors

If you have a Nevada business license you could be eligible to enroll. You must be the only employee for your business or be a partnership. Although the time to enroll with the Builders Association and Better Business Bureau has passed, the Nevada Realtors association is still available until March 15th. If you missed the deadline for the BANN or BBB groups, you can still obtain a membership and be ready for open enrollment at the end of this year. For realtors, providing your business license and Nevada Realtors membership as well as some other tax documents can still get you in for an April 1st start date.

Small Businesses

If you are interested in Reno association health plans, working with a broker can help determine your eligibility. If you do not have prior coverage you can do so at any time during the year. Providing the necessary documentation and being part of the respective association will allow you to get a plan going. The plans can start as soon as the first of the month after you apply. If you want to switch to an association plan with the same carrier, you will want to prepare for this. The key is to have everything ready before your renewal. Getting accredited with each association prior will help ensure a smooth transition and prevent you from missing your deadline.

If you are interested in health insurance Nevada policies, then please call our office. We can help ensure that you are eligible for this coverage. Our brokers will also walk you through the process of setting up your account. Since we do not charge fees, our services come to you at no additional cost.