Changing From Employer Plans To Individual Plans

Changing to IFP Plans

Changing From Employer Plans to Individual Plans

When leaving your employer, you will need to look into your benefits options. Doing this promptly will ensure that you do not miss the timing to continue coverage. Once you know when your benefits will be ending, you should now speak to a health insurance broker. Our office can provide you with all the information you need to make a decision when changing from employer plans to individual plans. In addition, we provide you this service for zero fees and no added cost to your policy.

Where to Start

It has probably been quite a while since you have thought about your health insurance. You may have had a couple of plan choices with your employer, but are now faced with multiple different insurance companies and many different plans for each. Looking at your current plan can help you begin your search. Knowing your deductible and max out of pocket amounts can help you hone in on a policy that is close to what you currently have. You should also determine what your needs are. These might include regular doctor visits or an upcoming surgery. Understanding the cost of health insurance can be important as well. Many employers pay a significant amount for their employees and the full price for plans can be shockingly high.

What You Will Need

All health insurance starts at the beginning of the month. When changing from employer plans to individual plans, this is still the case. The deadline to enroll in a Nevada health insurance plan will usually be the last day before the beginning of the next month. Therefore, you need to put in an application before your employer coverage ends to avoid any gap. You have a total of 60 days from the end of your coverage to apply. The next thing you will need is proof that you lost coverage. This comes either in the form of a COBRA notice or letter from your employer. Submitting this to the insurance company proves that you lost coverage and have an eligible life event. Without it, you may have a 90 day waiting period until your coverage can start again.

Please call our office or fill out a quote request if you are interested or need coverage. Our brokers will go over every option you have and help you find the best coverage for the lowest price. We also provide assistance to all our clients during the year and will represent you to the insurance company.