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Baby Boomers and Medicare

Enrolling in Reno Medicare Plans

As the baby boomer generation is turning 65, we need to prepare for coverage with Medicare. Many questions come up about how the four different parts of Reno Medicare Plans. Our office can provide information for the full range of expenses that will need to be covered when turning 65. Therefore, this article will attempt to review some of the options and requirements for full coverage under Medicare.

Just for a brief review, Medicare Part “A” is the Hospital Insurance part of Medicare. This part covers inpatient hospital and skilled nursing care, hospice, and home health care.

Medicare Part “B” is the Medical Insurance part of Medicare, covering the services of doctors and other healthcare providers. Medicare Part “C” governs Medicare Advantage plans. These Part “C” Medicare Advantage plans include the benefits and services of both Parts “A” and “B”, above. Medicare Part “D” benefits include Medicare’s prescription drug coverage. This part of Medicare helps lower the cost of outpatient prescription drugs.

Some Medicare Advantage companies, like Prominence Health Plan, provide both Part “C” and Part “D” benefits. They lump this together in one Medicare Advantage plan. This means that the medical coverage and the prescription drug benefits are all covered under one plan.

Medicare Supplement Reno plans are completely different from Medicare Advantage Reno plans.

Medicare Supplement plans will cover expenses that Medicare approves under both Part “A” and Part “B”. Unlike Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Supplement plans also let their members visit any doctor and any facility. Although these facilities must treat Medicare-eligible members. These Supplement plans provide full coverage throughout the United States. This is true even for non-emergency treatments. Therefore, they are a little more expensive than Medicare Advantage plans that have doctor and facility restrictions. For those making application for Medicare Supplement plans, two separate applications, plans, and premium payments arrangements will be in order. In addition, members receive two different plan ID cards. One of the best supplement plans is Medicare Plan G Nevada.

Since the medical benefits and the prescription drug benefits are two separate plans, Medicare Supplement members have the opportunity each year, during Open Enrollment, to freely change their prescription drug plan.

If you would like a full description of the best Medicare Supplement plans, Medicare Advantage plans, and Part “D” Prescription Drug plans available to us here in Northern Nevada, please don’t hesitate to call our Reno office at 775-828-1216.

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