Senior Dimensions

Senior Dimensions Plans in Nevada

United HealthCare owns Senior Dimensions, a local Medicare Advantage Reno insurance company. In 2018, Senior Dimensions offers HMO plans to eligible consumers. To qualify for a Senior Dimensions plan, the applicant must:

-Be enrolled in both Part A and Part B

-Live in the service area

-Apply for a plan during the right time of year

Senior Dimensions and their plans fall under the Part C category of Medicare. Since their plans are HMO, they currently cover routine in-network services in Nevada only. Senior Dimensions does not currently offer PPO plans with nationwide network lists. When enrolled, you will have access to doctors in your area. For example, if you live in Rural and Northern Nevada, you will have access to doctors and facilities for routine care in the Northern part of the state. Enrolled members living in Las Vegas will have access to providers in the Southern part of Nevada.

Network Lists

Like any Medicare Advantage plan, it is important to make sure your preferred doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals accept Senior Dimensions. Their network lists can be found on their website. These network lists are updated throughout the year so it is important to confirm your doctor’s network status each visit.

Need More Doctors and Hospitals?

Currently, there is no Medicare Advantage company that contracts with every hospital in Nevada. Fortunately, Medicare Supplement Reno currently contract with every hospital in Nevada. Medicare Supplement plans are also known as Medigap plans. People can apply for Medigap plans at any point during the year. Applicants sometimes do not answer health questions depending on eligibility. These Medigap plans are paired with a Part D drug plan. If you travel a lot, need a nationwide network, or need more providers in Nevada, a Medigap plan might be your best option. To learn more about how and when to get a Medigap plan, please watch this video on our website.

Traditionally, most Medigap plans have stronger benefits when compared to Medicare Advantage plans. Because they offer stronger benefits and a nationwide network of providers, Medicare Supplement plans usually have higher premiums per month.

If you need help assessing your options or the costs of these plans, please contact us for more information. You can also visit our website for a free quote.