Taking Care of You and Your Employees with Small Group Health Insurance

Small Group Health Insurance plans are available to employers with less than 50 total employees. These plans include the same health insurance Nevada benefit categories as all Qualified Health Plans approved by the Affordable Care Act. There are many plans available in this market. The monthly rates are also much lower than the Individual and Family market. Just like the Individual and Family market, Small Group Health Insurance plans do not ask questions about preexisting conditions. The physical address of your business determines the rates. Each employee’s cost is calculated based on the age of everyone enrolling in their family.

People who do not get health insurance through their job have to get coverage in the Individual and Family market. In the past few years, there have been higher prices and fewer options for individuals and families shopping on their own. If you own a business, you should look at your options with Small Group Health Insurance plans.

People are finding fewer options on their own. Offering an affordable benefits package to employees will attract more skilled workers for your business. More than ever, people are shopping for jobs that offer benefits. Without decent benefits, people are forced to shop for higher costing plans. Small Group Health Insurance plans not only take care of the health of your employees, but they will also help your business flourish.

Enrollment Requirements

There are a handful of requirements to get a plan. Even though the Division of Insurance approves all of these plans, each Small Group Health Insurance company has different paperwork and eligibility rules. If you are interested in one of these plans, we can help. One of our licensed brokers will shop for you and guide you through the group health insurance quotes, at no cost to you. To start the process, please contact us at 775-828-1216

When to Start a Plan

Unlike the Individual and Family market, Small Group Health Insurance plans are available all year. Once you qualify, you can start a plan at the beginning of any month. Every 12 months, your coverage will renew with new benefits and rates. This time period is Open Enrollment. Your Open Enrollment is a 12-month cycle when you initially start the policy. Many employers will establish their Open Enrollment around their business’s busy seasons. This ensures that your employees focus on their work during critical months on the job while having plenty of time to review insurance during a slower part of the year.

There are many strategies that go into a Small Group Health Insurance plan. To learn more about your options, you can read more here.