Prominence Medicare

Prominence Medicare Plans Starting at $0 Per Month

Prominence’s local office is located in Reno. Eligible people in Northern Nevada can get their Part C plans. Part C plans are Medicare Advantage Reno plans. Each year, Prominence Medicare offers new plans and benefits to eligible applicants. To get a Prominence Medicare plan, you must be enrolled in both Part A and Part B with the Social Security Administration. Furthermore, you do not need to be 65 to get a Prominence Medicare plan.

Plan Benefits and Rates

In 2018, Prominence offers a few different plans. In addition, one of their current plans has a monthly premium of $0. To learn more about their plan options and what is covered, please contact us for more information. Since we do not charge any fees, a licensed health insurance broker can assist you with the entire Medicare process at no cost to you.

There are certain times of year when people can enroll in Medicare. To learn more about when and how to get a plan, please watch this short video.

Doctors and Drugs

Part C plans cover approved out of pocket costs for enrolled members. Prominence offers HMO plans to qualifying Nevadans with a local network list. To see if your preferred doctors, pharmacies, and facilities accept Prominence Medicare, please visit their website here.

Some Part C plans cover Part D prescription drug benefits. These plans are your Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans. To see if your current prescriptions are covered by Prominence, you can search them on their website here.

Added benefits

In 2018, Prominence Medicare includes added benefits outside of the standard medical coverage. On qualifying plans, members will receive no cost gym memberships at participating gyms. This program is through the Silver and Fit program. To see if your gym membership is covered by Prominence Medicare, you can search here.

There are many additional benefits like hearing aid allowances, dental services, and over the counter drug reimbursements. Since these benefits are special, they may not in the same plan with other insurance companies. Because of these added benefits, members can reduce their overall living expenses.