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Reno Medical Insurance

Finding the right health coverage is not an easy task. The plans, rates, and even companies change every year. There are also many different plan types as well as the changing regulations happening in Washington. Fortunately, you don’t have to keep up with all this. As your health insurance broker, we study and review the changing market constantly. This means we can provide you with an expert opinion on what Reno Medical Insurance policy you should enroll in. Our brokers are also available while your policy is in place to answer any question you might have and to help renew your policy each year.

Our office works with the three main groups of consumers looking for coverage. Those are individuals, employers, and Medicare.

Individual coverage for a qualified health insurance Nevada plan can be the most expensive of the three groups for a consumer. The plans also come with a 90 day waiting period to enroll in a plan mid-year. Although, you can get around the 90 days and have coverage start the following month with a qualified life event. Also, starting November 1st is open enrollment. This allows you to change or enroll in a new plan that starts January 1st.

Employer plans allow a company to pay some of the premiums for their employees. Since employer premiums are lower for the same plan than an individual would pay, it is the best option for someone under 65. The company can also write off the premiums as a pretax expense and employer groups have a larger list of carriers to choose from than an individual would. There are many regulations and requirements to set up an employer policy, but consulting a broker can help ensure the group is accepted by the carrier and completed in a timely manner.

Medicare will most likely be the least expensive of the three Reno medical insurance groups.

This is because to be eligible, you must have already paid into it over time from taxes. Besides a few exceptions, you also must be 65 years old. Medicare has four parts which are part A, B, C, and D. Part A and B are your hospital and doctor benefits and you can enroll in them as soon as you are eligible. After that, you are eligible to enroll in a Medicare Supplement Reno or Medicare Advantage Reno plan. There are many requirements and timing is very important or you may miss your chance to enroll. Our office specializes in these plans.

Please call our office if you would like help enrolling in a Reno medical insurance plan. Our services are completely free for you to use and you would pay the exact same amount for your premium whether you purchase your policy through us or on your own.