INSURANCE COVERAGE CHANGES Several insurance companies stopped selling plans in Nevada as of January 1st, 2018. Among this group was Humana. This affected people immediately, as all health insurance plans renew on the first of the year. Many Nevada residents lost their health insurance coverage and needed new plans. Humana’s decision affects small businesses employers… Read More

Open Enrollment Changes Every year, you can enroll or renew your individual medical insurance during ACA Open Enrollment. Open Enrollment extended from November 1st through January 31st in previous years. Recently, the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services announced a few new Open Enrollment changes for 2018. From now on Open Enrollment will start on November 1st, but will… Read More

In Nevada, consumers can apply for health insurance after Open Enrollment without a Qualifying Life Event. A qualifying life event is a free pass to allow coverage to start much earlier. Without a Qualifying life event (QLE) the waiting period is 90 days in the state of Nevada. If you do have a QLE, then… Read More

Many Nevada residents need help paying for health insurance. As a result the Affordable Care Act created tax credits that help reduce the cost of insurance for thousands. To be eligible for these tax credits individuals must meet certain requirements including enrolling through between November 1st and January 31st. This is the annual Open Enrollment period… Read More

Are you enrolled in a subsidized health insurance plan through and experiencing issues with your required document submission? You are not the only one. The Silver State Health Insurance Exchange, Nevada’s overseeing entity that regulates and monitors Obamacare policies, confirmed a nationwide issue with’s required document submission department. According to numerous reports, members… Read More

Since November 15, 2014, Nevadans have been enrolling in subsidized health insurance through HealthCare.Gov for the upcoming 2015 plan year. Based on specific income and employment requirements, Nevadans are able to enroll in Qualified Health Plans with reduced premiums as well as increased member benefits. With 2015 right around the corner, members are seeking guidance… Read More

The family glitch exists in a marriage when either a spouse or parent works for an employer who offers ‘affordable health care’. If the employer offers health insurance that costs the employee less than 9.5% of income for the employee only coverage, it is considered affordable. Because of this the rest of the family cannot get… Read More

In an earlier post, I highlighted some of the costs associated with NOT buying health insurance, all being non-financial. After looking at this, many people think, “I just don’t care, I’m not buying it and you can’t make me!”. They might be right! There are 2 relatively easy ways to get out of the fine for failing to buy… Read More

Still, have an older health insurance plan from last year?  If so, this information is for you. For most people with older health insurance coverage, changes are coming at year end.  If you still have your plan from last year (2013) and have not yet converted to an Affordable Care Act plan, chances are you… Read More

Childrens Dental Coverage – Mandatory through Nevada Health Link From October 15, 2013, through June 30, 2014, the Nevada Health Link allowed children to waive dental coverage when applying for health insurance coverage on their website. It was simply a matter of checking their box “Waive Coverage” on the dental screen. Now childrens dental coverage is… Read More