Childrens Dental Coverage – Mandatory through Nevada Health Link

Childrens Dental Coverage – Mandatory through Nevada Health Link

From October 15, 2013, through June 30, 2014, the Nevada Health Link allowed children to waive dental coverage when applying for health insurance coverage on their website. It was simply a matter of checking their box “Waive Coverage” on the dental screen. Now childrens dental coverage is mandatory.

Beginning July 1, 2014, the NVHealthlink removed the “Waive Coverage” box. This is now requiring all children to enroll for dental insurance if they were enrolling for health insurance in Nevada. Per their representative, I spoke to at (855) 768-5465 a child is by definition anyone ages 0 through 19.

When I spoke to the NVHealthlink about this in July, they said the removal of the “Waive Coverage” box was a glitch in their programming which they were going to fix. They said all a parent had to do to remove dental was to send in a letter to the NVHealthlink stating the parent does not want their child(ren) enrolled in dental and to cancel it. They said they would comply with these instructions and cancel the dental for the child(ren).

Then two weeks ago I started getting conflicting instructions from the representatives at the NVHealthlink. Some representatives said yes, dental is not mandatory and some said no, it cannot. It seemed that every time I spoke to the NVHealthlink the representative would contradict what the prior representative said.

Two days ago when I spoke to NVHealthlink, dental is not mandatory.

Childrens Dental Coverage – Mandatory through Nevada Health Link


Yesterday, when I spoke to them, dental was mandatory. Yesterday’s rep went into more detail. She said she had received an email from their ‘Termination Team’. These are the people who decide whether plans are on the NVHealthlink. She told me the email said “We are unable to terminate children’s dental policies with a Qualified Health Plan. It is mandatory by the ACA for children to have dental insurance”. I asked for a copy of the email and they refused to give me one. So, I had her repeat the statement several times so I could get it word for word.

Bottom line, even though the NVHealthlink has, on numerous occasions, stated that children’s dental can be canceled, it appears it cannot be canceled, at least at this time. If you enroll your child(ren) for health insurance through the NVHealthlink, you will be required to enroll them for Dental coverage. This will come at an added cost.