’s Required Documents Adversely Affect Nevadans

Are you enrolled in a subsidized health insurance plan through and experiencing issues with your required document submission?

You are not the only one. The Silver State Health Insurance Exchange, Nevada’s overseeing entity that regulates and monitors Obamacare policies, confirmed a nationwide issue with’s required document submission department. According to numerous reports, members are completing their application requirements and are then experiencing erroneous subsidy or policy terminations.

After submitting an application through, an applicant may need to submit additional documentation to prove information completed during the enrollment process. Generally, the most frequent documentation needed is “Proof of Income” and “Proof of Citizenship”. These requirements usually need a long list of documents. When ready to submit these pieces of information, gives its members two submission options: online upload or USPS mail.

Even though subsidized members complete the submission requirements in a timely manner,’s processing department will sometimes terminate a member’s policy or subsidy with no explanation or warning.

The processing department has no phone number to call and the customer support hotline has no way of communicating with them.

Hundreds if not thousands of Nevadans have become the victims of these processing issues. When addressed,’s internal procedure is to guide members to the Appeals department and file a formal appeal. With the Appeals department flooded with thousands of requests, the expected response time can take as long as 30 days. Per Health and Human Services,’s Appeals department will not retroactively adjust their own subsidy termination errors.

If you are affected by a subsidy or policy termination due to a required document submission error, please contact one of our licensed brokers for a consultation. We can assist you with a policy or subsidy reinstatement. Our office has helped hundreds of Nevadans with subsidized applications. We will advise you on the enrollment process and benefit analysis. Our services are free of charge.

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