Travel Insurance Plans

There Are Many Inexpensive Ways to Cover You Outside the U.S.

Travel Insurance Plans

Many health insurance plans do not cover you across state lines let alone outside of the country. This can leave you exposed to high medical expenses if you experience an emergency while traveling. Unfortunately, most health insurance Nevada plans will only cover any follow-up services you receive here in the states. If you are leaving for any reason, travel insurance plans can be a solution. Most are very inexpensive and cover a wide variety of services.

How Do They Work?

Travel insurance plans are designed to be very flexible. You can set dates to ensure that coverage begins as soon as you leave and ends when you are back. In addition, you can pick and choose coverage options so you are not overpaying for benefits you do not need. Most individuals will just need emergency coverage only, especially if they are only staying for a short amount of time. Although, you can choose additional options in case you have an extended stay. This could be coverage for prescriptions or medical services you regularly need.

How Much Do Travel Plans Cost?

Travel policies are usually very inexpensive and could cost as low as a few dollars a day. Although, prices will vary depending on a variety of factors. These factors include the length of the policy, your age and demographics, the country you are going to, your coverage choices, as well as others. It can be difficult to know the exact price until you apply. Fortunately, IMG offers anyone the option to get a no-cost quote to see if a travel policy would be right for you. You can do this by heading to our travel insurance page and using the link to fill out a quote.

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