In this upcoming year we’re left with 3 individual medical insurance companies selling plans 2018 Nevada health plans. We’re losing most of the Aetna, Anthem, Prominence and Golden Rule plans. Many grandfathered plans that were in place before March 23rd, 2010 will continue to be offered from some of these companies but the majority of plans are ending. Additionally some of these companies are continuing to offer a “catastrophic” option but clients need to qualify with specific income limits.

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The 3 insurance companies who are remaining are Silver Summit (also known as Ambetter), Health Plan of Nevada and Hometown Health Plans.

Silver Summit

Plans from Silver Summit are only available through As an average, Silver Summit has the most expensive plans. These high costs are meant to be offset by subsidies provided through so very few people would actually be paying this full amount…. The problem is for people living outside of Reno, Carson City and Las Vegas, Ambetter is the ONLY individual health insurance option. This means that even for those who do not qualify for a subsidy, this is the only option. Silver Summit is brand new 2018 Nevada health insurance company.


Health Plan of Nevada

Health Plan of Nevada (HPN) came out with very good rates in Clark County this year. HPN only sells HMO plans, meaning that for all of these plans a referral is required to see a specialists. HPN is a subsidiary of United Healthcare, but they do not use the full United Healthcare doctors list. They are available through and they can be purchased privately without a subsidy. These plans are only available in Clark, Nye and Washoe counties.


Hometown Health

Hometown came out with the lowest priced HMO’s and only PPO’s this year. Hometown is owned by Renown, so they work with every Renown doctor as well as a large list of independent doctors. The HMO plans are priced lower than the PPO plans but for the HMO’s, a referral is required to see a specialist. Hometown is available in Clark, Nye and Washoe counties.


To see all of these plans or to discuss the details please feel free to contact my office.