2019 Medicare Advantage

2019 Advantage Plans in Northern Nevada

2019 Medicare Advantage

The 2019 Medicare Nevada Advantage Annual Enrollment Period started on October 15th and ends on December 7th. During this time, we can make plan changes with any Part C Medicare Advantage company effective January 1st. Medicare Advantage companies do not ask health questions on their applications but do have other eligibility requirements. Many 2019 Medicare Advantage Reno plans have a $0 premium. Since benefits and doctors lists change each year, it is always a good idea to make sure you are getting the best plan.

Depending on where you live in Northern Nevada, you may have up to 5 total insurance companies to choose from. Because your home residence determines your eligibility, we recommend that you talk to one of our health insurance brokers for guidance.


Prominence Health plan, formerly known as Saint Mary’s Health Plan, will be offering 1 HMO plan next year. Their HMO plan has a monthly premium of $0. Prominence also allows their 2019 Medicare Advantage members to enroll in comprehensive dental. Their dental plan has an additional monthly premium. Prominence’s main office is located here in Reno. As a local insurance company, Prominence understands the needs of their Northern Nevada population. Because of this, they are a great option for people who use local health care.


Humana offers multiple plans in the Northern Nevada area. They offer two PPO 2019 Medicare Advantage plans. One plan has a $0 premium and the other plan has a $39 premium. Similarly, Humana offers the option for comprehensive dental coverage with an extra monthly cost just like Prominence. Their medical plan will work with doctors across the nation. As a result, Humana’s nationwide network makes their 2019 Medicare Advantage plans very appealing for those travel.

Senior Care Plus

Senior Care Plus is owned by Renown Hospital. They are a local insurance company that offers multiple HMO 2019 Medicare Advantage plans. Some of their plans will include preventative dental or comprehensive dental coverage with an additional premium. As a result, Senior Care Plus is a great option for people who need local care at Renown only.


Aetna offers one HMO and two PPO 2019 Medicare Advantage plans. Their HMO plan has a $0 premium. Aetna’s PPO plans have a $0 premium and a $67 premium per month. Similarly, Aetna will extend their network list nationwide to members who need doctors outside of Nevada just like Humana. Their plans are loaded with added benefits making their policies very appealing for 2019.

AARP MedicareComplete

AARP MedicareComplete is not a new insurance company in Nevada. They used to be known as Senior Dimensions. This is the only 2019 Medicare Advantage insurance company in Northern Nevada to cover both Renown hospital and Saint Mary’s hospital. They offer one HMO plan next year with a monthly premium of $29. With strong benefits and a large in-state network list, AARP MedicareComplete is a great option for anyone who qualifies for Medicare.

How to Get a Plan

Here at Health Benefits Associates, we do not charge any fees for our services. Furthermore, we are able to assist you with any insurance company in Nevada. One of our licensed brokers will help find the right plan for you. We can also help enroll you in a Medicare Supplement Reno policy Please give us a call today to schedule a meeting at our office in Reno.