Anthem Chamber of Commerce Plans

Anthem Association Plans

Nevada continues to see new association plans for health insurance small business options since federal regulations eased back on Affordable Care Act requirements. The latest to appear is Anthem Association Plans. These plans come after Aetna announced a self-funded option and Prominence announced their new chamber health plans. The plans allow small business groups to obtain similar insurance that large employers receive.

Similar to the Prominence Reno Chamber Association Plan, the Anthem Association Plans are tied to being a current member of a chamber of commerce in Nevada. To be eligible for the Anthem plans, the business must be part of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce. It is important to note that businesses in Northern Nevada can be a member of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber. This is unlike the Prominence plan that requires businesses to be domiciled in Washoe County. Hometown Health will also be issuing their own association health plan. The BANN insurance policy will be another addition to plans that are outside of the qualified, ACA insurance realm.

Plan Types

The Anthem Association Plans will have a total of seven different options to choose from. All seven plans will be PPO choice plans. This means that they will have PPO plan coverage, but you can receive better cost sharing. If subscribers use Anthem’s Nevada HMO network, you will have lower copays for services. In addition, two of the options will meet HSA guidelines. This will allow groups or employees to open a health savings account and make pretax deductions if enrolled in one of the HSA plans. The rates for the plans will also be age composite. This means that there will be one rate for employees within an age range and how many dependents you enroll. For example, employees that are between the age of 25 and 30 and are enrolling with no dependents will have one rate.

If you are interested in these plans or would like group health insurance quotes please call our office at 775-828-1216. As your health insurance broker, we do not charge fees and you will always pay the same amount for the plan, whether or not you use our services.