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BANN Association Insurance

The BANN Association Health Plan is the latest option for small businesses looking for insurance in Nevada. Recent developments and executive orders in Washington have allowed insurance companies to develop these plans that have initially become less expensive for the consumer to purchase than traditional ACA policies. Hometown Health will be the insurance company for association group. Hometown currently has the largest network in Northern Nevada and groups that enroll will have access to the Renown providers.

Current small groups on Hometown ACA plans will see savings of around 20% for their monthly premium. Since Hometown has had lower rates than other insurance carriers, groups may save even more than that if switching from a different carrier. The plans also meet ACA minimum guidelines. This means that policyholders will not have to sacrifice comprehensive coverage to save on cost. There will be nine plan designs, each can either be a PPO or HMO so 18 total to choose from. They range from a catastrophic option to the highest gold $500 deductible plan.

BANN Membership

The BANN health insurance policy does not only provide you with medical benefits but BANN member benefits as well. Groups looking to enroll in association health plans will have to be a member under one of three categories. They are “Builder”, “Subcontractor”, and “Associate”. Unless your business deals directly with building/construction, you will probably fall under the associate group. Employers can still get group health insurance quotes without being a member. Being a member with BANN includes a variety of benefits such as networking for your company, having your interests represented in Washington, workshops, tradeshows, and conferences as well as many other perks. Hometown Health members also get a 10% discount on their membership dues with the Builders Association.

If you are interested in setting up this option for your business or currently have an insurance plan and would like to switch, please call our office. As your health insurance broker, we do not charge any fees and you will pay the same amount for the plans whether or not you use our services.