Big Health Care Changes for Prominence in 2020

There are big health care changes for Prominence in 2020. As a local insurance company, they are preparing to revolutionize the health care market in Nevada. Prominence was formally known as Saint Mary’s Health Plan. They will offer Medicare Advantage Plans, Small Group Plans, Association Health Plans, and Large Group Policies in 2020.

Prominence Care Centers

Unlike other insurance carriers, Prominence is tackling major health care issues in Nevada, with a local touch. Currently, there is a Primary Care Physician shortage in Northern Nevada. As a result, the wait times to see a doctor are outrageous. Therefore, Prominence is solving this problem. Earlier in 2019, Prominence opened their Prominence Care Centers in both Reno and Carson City. Prominence in 2020 is hoping to open more of these facilities dedicated to members enrolled in Prominence. These exclusive facilities have Primary Care Physicians, Laboratories, and on-site Pharmacies. To learn more about these facilities and to see if your current plan is accepted at the Care Centers, please click here.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Prominence in 2020 is offering a new $0 Part C Medicare Advantage Plan with increased benefits. With a new care coordination team, Prominence is aiming to improve the health every Northern Nevadan who enrolls. Their plan includes new value added benefits including dental coverage, vision benefits, hearing aid allowances, and also over the counter reimbursements. With a robust and comprehensive plan, people who qualify for Medicare should consider Prominence. To view the 2020 benefits or enroll, please click here.

Employer Plans

Prominence’s group plans are very competitive when looking at employer plan options in the Nevada market. They are one of the few carriers who offer HMO plans without a referral requirement. Furthermore, their HMO plans include a statewide network of doctors which is unique. As a copay driven plan, their HMO policies are ahead of their time. Prominence also offers PPO and Point of Service Plans, so employers of all sizes can find the right policy for their needs. To learn more about the qualification requirements for a group health plan, please click here.