Blue Shield Nevada

Getting Coverage After Moving From California

Blue Shield in Nevada

When moving to a new state, one thing you should consider is how your health plan will cover you. Many California residents have been asking themselves this question when moving to Nevada. There are very specific circumstances where a plan that you purchased in California will still provide you with coverage in Nevada, such as a Medicare Supplement plan. Unfortunately, keeping your policy with Blue Shield in Nevada will not be a possibility. Speaking with a health insurance broker can be a great first step when searching for a new plan.

Qualifying Life Event

If you have an individual Blue Shield plan, the carrier will not continue to cover you while you are living in Nevada. Although your coverage provides you with emergency care across the nation, you will not be able to schedule doctor’s appointments or use regular medical services. Fortunately, you can use a qualifying life event to purchase new coverage. A qualifying life event is a significant change in your life that allows you to purchase a plan mid-year. Moving to a new state is considered a life event. You will have to prove that you left your previous state. A broker can help walk you through those steps and review your documents before submitting them to the insurance company.

For those on a Medicare Advantage plan, you have a special enrollment period or SEP for short. A SEP is the Medicare equivalent of a qualifying life event. It will allow you to enroll in another Medicare Advantage plan offered in your new state outside of the annual enrollment period.

Plan Options

If you have individual coverage, there are a few different ways to get a health plan. If you are receiving government assistance then the Nevada Healthlink is the state exchange. This is similar to Covered California. You may also be eligible for Medicaid through the state welfare department.

If you are not eligible for any assistance, you still have the option to enroll in a private plan. Private policies offer identical coverage to plans that are on the state exchange but you do not need to enter in income or tax information when you apply. The rate is simply based on your age and county you live in and does not factor in your health or income status.