Medicare Supplement – Nevada Plans

Are you turning 65 and getting ready for Medicare? If so, there are many things you need to research and study before it is time to decide. This article discusses Medicare Supplement and Nevada Plans. Before you can enroll in a private Medicare plan, like a Medicare Supplement plan, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Permanent home address in Nevada
  • Enrolled in both Part A and Part B of Medicare
  • Applying for coverage at or after the age of 65

Unlike Medicare Advantage Plans, applicants cannot be under the age of 65 and enroll in any of the available Medicare Supplement Nevada Plans. Also depending on your eligibility, you may qualify for a Medicare Supplement policy without answering health questions. In general, people who experienced a Special Enrollment Period can enroll in Medicare Supplement plans without answering health questions. To learn more about Medicare Special Enrollment Periods, please click here.

Plan Benefits

Medicare Supplement Plans have the same medical benefits regardless of where you live. The federal government dictates the medical benefits on the plans each year. To see the available plan options and their benefits, please click here.

Some insurance companies will include value added benefits like gym memberships, vision, or dental coverage. Insurance companies are not required to include these options, which means they can charge an additional premium. We recommend consulting a broker to learn more about these added benefits.

Medicare Supplement plans do not cover Part D drug coverage. To enroll in a Part D drug plan, you will need to find a standalone Part D plan. To shop drug plans, we recommend using the federal Medicare website. Click here to learn more.

Network List

Your network list of providers and facilities is established by the federal government. Any provider that accepts Medicare Assignment accepts any and every Medicare Supplement Nevada Plans. To search doctors, please click here.

Plan Pricing

The biggest element to focus on when shopping is the price of your health plan. Most people look at the price at 65 without considering the projected rate increases over the years. Some insurance companies are notorious for giving ‘teaser rates’ at 65 and then jacking up the premium with high increases as the years go on. This can be caused by many different aspects, so we recommend consulting a broker who can assess these trends for you.