Medicare Part B in Nevada

To qualify for a Medigap Plan or Medicare Advantage plan, you must be enrolled in both Part A and Part B of Medicare. If you are receiving Social Security benefits, you are usually automatically enrolled in Part A and Part B in Nevada. It is important you enroll in both Parts A and B prior to applying for a Private Medicare Plan. The Social Security Administration handles the applications Part A and B in Nevada.

If you want to enroll in Medicare at 65, the Social Security Administration recommends applying for Part A and Part B three months prior to your 65th birthday. For people who have credible coverage through an employer plan, you should consult a broker. In most circumstances, it will be best to delay your Part B enrollment if you prefer your group plan coverage. Delaying your Part B enrollment while enrolled in Credible Coverage allows you to still qualify for a Guaranteed Issue Period Enrollment. As of today, COBRA is not defined as Credible Coverage.

What Part B in Nevada Covers

Part B in Nevada includes coverage for outpatient services. Also Part B covers many benefits including doctor visits, ambulance services, mental health, durable medical equipment, and much more. To read more about what Part B covers, click here to learn more.

What Part B in Nevada Does Not Cover

Even though Part B covers many services, there are a few excluded benefits. A few examples of excluded benefits are long term care, most dental care, acupuncture, and hearing aids. If you enroll in a Private Medicare Plan, these benefits can be included in the coverage depending on the policy you enroll in. To read more about excluded benefits, click here to learn more.

Part B Costs

Each year, the government determines the cost for Part B in Nevada. If you receive Social Security benefits, the government will deduct the monthly costs for Part B out of your Social Security check. If you are not receiving Social Security benefits yet, the government will send you a bill for the quarterly Part B costs. Also, if you were a high income earner a few years ago, you may be charged an IRMAA cost. To learn more about the costs of Part B, you can read more here.

Enrolling in Private Medicare Plans

Enrolling in Part B of Medicare qualifies you for Medigap Plans and Part C Medicare Advantage Plans. Depending on which plan you enroll in, you may have no additional premiums to pay. Without a Private Medicare Plan, Part B by itself will leave you with high out of pocket expenses when visiting the doctor. With only Part B, you will pay your Part B deductible and usually 20% of the remaining costs. Private Medicare Plans will help cover these out of pocket expenses so you don’t break the bank when seeing your doctor. Most importantly, enrolling in a Private Medicare Plan is simple and affordable. Depending on your eligibility, you may also qualify for coverage today without answering health questions! Click here to see what plans you qualify for.