BNI Member Health Plan

Business Network International Health Plan

BNI Member Health Plan

BNI members in Nevada can now join the surge of association health plans in Reno. This year, Nevada has seen numerous new small group plans released. The new BNI (Business Network International) policy has paired with Hometown Health to provide lower costing options for small groups. The savings on the BNI member health plan can be as much as 20% lower than individual rates. Our office can provide you with instant quotes for these plans and ensure you do not miss the deadline to enroll.


As with almost all association groups, the BNI member health plan is only for small employers. With health insurance, this is any business that has less than 50 employees. You must also have a current state business license and be in select counties in Nevada. Hometown will also require tax documentation for your business. The forms to submit will vary based on how many employees you have. You will also need to be a member of the BNI if you are not already. While the cost for this may vary, the savings in premium will outweigh this expense.

Plan Benefits

The BNI member health plan is considered fully ACA compliant. This means that it will have minimum essential coverage as determined by the Nevada division of insurance and federal guidelines. Although, there may be small differences from health insurance Nevada ACA plans that you should be aware of before enrolling. The association will use the Renown network when using doctors and hospitals. Therefore, this should be an easy transition if you are a current Hometown Health member. As with all other association health plans, you will not be required to answer health questions to determine eligibility. The policy will cover all pre-existing conditions as well.

Please give our office a call if you are a current Hometown subscriber or if you are a small business without health insurance. As your health insurance broker, we do not charge you fees or any extra surcharge to use our services. We also provide our employer groups with enrollment support and offer a complimentary enrollment platform for your employees.