Blue Shield in Nevada When moving to a new state, one thing you should consider is how your health plan will cover you. Many California residents have been asking themselves this question when moving to Nevada. There are very specific circumstances where a plan that you purchased in California will still provide you with coverage… Read More

Part D Nevada For Medicare, Part D is the portion that covers your prescriptions. A separate drug plan is also known as a PDP policy. Original Medicare Parts A and B only cover your doctor visits and hospital expenses. This can leave a large gap in coverage for people that take medication. Enrolling in a… Read More

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When people hear the word ‘Broker’, they usually think of the Wolf of Wall Street or expensive fees. Fortunately, our brokers are neither. Our brokers offer Medicare Help in Nevada and do not charge any fees. Regardless which plan or insurance company you want, our brokers are paid by the insurance company, not you. The… Read More

Many people come into our office and ask, “where can I apply for Medicare?”. Depending on the type of Medicare you are applying for, we may be able to help! Most parts of Medicare are offered by private insurance companies. Brokers can also help people shop and enroll in private Medicare plans, at no extra… Read More

Finding the right Nevada Medigap plan can be tedious! Fortunately, Medigap plans have standardized rules set by the Federal Government. Understanding these rules will help you determine which plan and insurance company is best for you. The Basics Medigap plans are commonly referred to as Medicare Supplement plans. Every Nevada Medigap plan must follow these… Read More

On January 31, 2020, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex M. Azar II declared a public health emergency for the United States in response to the Coronavirus. Many people are asking if the Coronavirus is covered by Medicare. In a recent statement issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they confirmed that Coronavirus… Read More

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