Association Plans for Businesses Finding affordable health insurance plans for small businesses can be difficult. Depending on the average age of the employees, a small business might end up with a monthly rate that really cuts into your budget. You may end up with the choice of keeping the plan or terminating it to save… Read More

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Association Health Plans in Nevada These plans became a big part of the Nevada health insurance industry in 2019. Association plans were lower costing small business health policies that allowed industry related businesses to join together. When these groups of businesses pooled together, they could operate under one large group and get lower rates from… Read More

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Sole Proprietor Plans in Nevada In 2019, Nevada saw association health plans become available for small businesses. These plans allowed businesses to have lower health insurance premiums by grouping similar businesses together as one large group. In addition, sole proprietors could form groups with some associations to receive significantly discounted premiums. In the health insurance… Read More

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