Coronavirus is Covered By Medicare

On January 31, 2020, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex M. Azar II declared a public health emergency for the United States in response to the Coronavirus. Many people are asking if the Coronavirus is covered by Medicare. In a recent statement issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they confirmed that Coronavirus is covered by Medicare. As the situation worsens across the globe, people enrolled in Medicare should not panic. This article briefly discusses how Coronavirus is covered by Medicare.


Like any other disease, people treating Coronavirus will most likely need physician care or prescriptions. In extreme circumstances, people may also require hospitalization. In general, Coronavirus treatments will either fall under Part A, Part B, or Part D of Medicare. Part A services cover hospitalization. Part B services cover outpatient procedures like lab tests, doctor visits, etc. Lastly, Part D Plans cover prescriptions.

There are many different plans in Medicare that will cover Part A, Part B, and Part D of Medicare. Here is a brief explanation of the standard coverages in Medicare:

  • Original Medicare: Original Medicare is Part A and Part B of Medicare. The federal government also administers and enrolls people in Part A and Part B. This does not cover Part D.
  • Medicare Advantage Plans: Private insurance companies sell these plans. Also, Medicare Advantage Plans usually include Prescription Drug Plans. Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans (“MAPD”) include Part D drug coverage. Medicare Advantage Plans (“MA”) do not include Part D drug Coverage. Both MAPD and MA plans include coverage for Part A and Part B services.
  • Medicare Supplement Plans: Private insurance companies sell these plans. Medicare Supplement Plans also cover Part A and Part B services. These plans do not include Part D services. Because of this, people enrolled in these plans usually purchase a separate Part D Drug Plan to cover prescriptions.
  • Standalone Part D Drug Plans: Private insurance companies sell these plans. These plans cover prescriptions at the pharmacy.

You can also buy these private insurance company plans with the help of a Broker. Our brokers do not charge fees at any time during the Medicare process. We will help you navigate your options and find the best plan for your needs.

Preventative Measures

We recommend getting tested to make sure you are not infected with the Coronavirus. Also, diagnosing the Coronavirus as early as possible is important. Medicare Part B covers a test to see if you have Coronavirus. This test is covered when your doctor or other health care provider orders it. The federal government stated that this test will be covered by Medicare on or after February 4, 2020. To learn more, please click here.