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Group Health Insurance Reno

Our office specializes in small group health insurance Reno plans. In Nevada, a small group is an employer with less than 50 full-time eligible employees. Setting up a new group plan can be difficult and time-consuming. Sitting down with a health insurance broker can help make the process much easier as they can guide you through the rules and regulations and solve problems while the plan is in place.

The first service we provide is the ability to shop all available plans in the market and provide you with benefits and rates. Our brokers can make side by side group health insurance quotes that will help you easily choose a plan based on your needs. The quotes highlight the most used services within a plan, so you can avoid searching through lengthy documents. We also break down the employee, dependent, and total plan cost. We determine the rates by using your current employee census. This ensures you are receiving the lowest possible premium for the plan you want.

After a plan has been selected, there are four main items needed to put the group in place.

1. A Nevada Quarterly Wage and Contribution Report or payroll records with employee’s names

– Depending on the group size, some insurance companies will not need this information

2. A completed master application which provides the insurance company with details about the group

– Our brokers help you complete this

3. Enrollment forms from the eligible employees

– As well as waivers for eligible employees that are not enrolling

4. The first month’s premium payment

Setting up a Reno health insurance group plan can be difficult, but our brokers can make the process simple without costing you any extra money to do so. We never charge our clients fees for our work. You also pay the same amount for the plan whether you use our services or go straight to the insurance company. Please give our office a call at 775-828-1216 if you would like to create a group or switch your current insurance carrier.