Senior Care Plus and Other Medicare Plans for Renown

Currently, in Nevada, the only Medicare Advantage Reno plan that covers Renown Hospital is Senior Care Plus. Senior Care Plus is owned by Renown. Senior Care Plus’s plans are also known as Part C plans. Most of these Part C plans cover Part D drugs. Consumers eligible for both Part A and Part B can get a Senior Care Plus plan. Applicants do not need to be 65 years old to get one of these plans if they have both Part A and Part B. Eligible members must also live in the plan’s service area.’s website outlines all of the eligibility requirements.

There are many other Part C insurance companies like Prominence, Aetna, Senior Dimensions, and Humana. These insurance companies do not contract with Renown hospital at the moment.

Other Medicare Plans that Cover Renown

Even though Senior Care Plus is the only Part C insurance plan to cover Renown, there are other Medicare plans that cover this hospital group. Medicare Supplement Reno plans, also known as Medigap plans, cover every doctor and hospital in the nation that takes Medicare. Every Medigap plan is required to work with the same network list. Fortunately, every hospital in Northern NV currently accepts Medicare Assignment. This means that members enrolled in Medigap plans can use Renown.

Applicants can enroll in Medigap plans at any time during the year if the consumer is over the age of 65 and has both Part A and Part B. Depending on eligibility and timing, the application may ask questions about health history. You can learn more about these rules by watching this video on our website.

The importance of your Network

One of the most valuable aspects of your health plan is the network list. Having access to as many doctors and hospitals as possible gives you options. Furthermore, Medigap plans allow members to see doctors and received specialized care around the country. While at home, Nevadans will have access to all hospitals for health care. In 2020, a new hospital will be built on the south end of town in Reno. This hospital will have state of the art equipment and private rooms. This hospital does not plan on contracting with Senior Care Plus, but will most likely work with people on Medigap plans.