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Health Insurance Plans

It is looking like the current market for 2019 health insurance plans in Reno will be staying consistent with the changes we saw in 2018. This is different than the previous few years with many insurance companies leaving the individual health insurance Nevada market. Individual and family plans will also see a rate increase in their plans. This increase will vary depending on the carrier and plan you are enrolling in. Our office will have more information on the rate changes as we come closer to 2019.

The three current insurance carriers in the Reno area will still be offering health insurance plans for 2019. Those carriers are Hometown Health, Health Plan of Nevada, and Silver Summit. We also have not heard of any new carriers entering the market. This means individuals and families will have a limited selection to choose from again. The carrier selection is different for small groups since they have numerous carrier options. Although, some carriers may be expanding their coverage to other counties in Nevada giving healthcare access to those in rural areas.

As we approach open enrollment, which starts in November, our office will have more information about any additional changes.

There may be more changes in the coming months leading up to November. Our office will have the information available to you in time for open enrollment. This will be the only time you will be able to switch your health plan during the year or enroll in a new plan without a qualified life event and no waiting period. All health insurance plans you enroll in during the open enrollment period will have a start date of January 1st.

Please call our office if you have any questions about your current health insurance plan or would like to enroll midyear or during this year’s open enrollment. As your health insurance broker, all our services are of no cost for you to use. We do not charge our clients fees and the plan’s premium is the same if you go directly to the carrier.