Hometown Health Plan

Buy Local with Hometown Health Plan

Hometown Health Plan is a local insurance company in Reno. Furthermore, Renown hospital owns Hometown Health. Hometown Health Plan offers many different coverage options. Most importantly, Hometown’s plans meet the requirements of health insurance Nevada plans. Their policies are available to individuals and families as well as businesses covering their employees. People getting a Hometown Health plan can enroll in HMO or PPO coverage. Even with strict Open Enrollment rules, anyone can apply for one of their plans at any time of the year.

Individual and Family Plans

Hometown Health Plan offers policies to individuals and families all year, as approved by the Nevada Division of Insurance. If someone applies for a policy during Open Enrollment, the plan will start on January 1st. Mid-year, people can still get coverage when it is not Open Enrollment. For people who experienced a timely Qualifying Life Event, they can get a policy starting on the first day of the next calendar month. To learn more about Qualifying Life Events, you can read more here.

Most states do not allow consumers to enroll in coverage mid-year without a Qualifying Life Event. In Nevada, people can get a Hometown Health plan mid-year without one of these special circumstances. Because of this, people in this situation can apply for a Hometown Health plan following a 90 day waiting period. After the application and initial payment is submitted to Hometown, the policy will start on the first of the month following 90 days. You can get a free quote on our website here. A licensed health insurance broker will help you shop and enroll at no added cost to you!

Employer Plans

Employer plans are available to large and small businesses. Both small and large employers can enroll at any time of the year. There are many different rules and requirements for employer plans. The rules are also different depending on how many employees you have in your business. One of our licensed brokers can assist you with the group health insurance quotes. To start the process, please contact us here.

Why Local is Important

Local insurance companies know the market and the community. Hometown Health Plan is the only nonprofit health insurance company in Nevada. They truly know the people they are taking care of since they are owned by Renown, a local hospital group. Just like our office, Hometown’s headquarters is also here in Reno. Having a local company allows you to visit their office with any questions or concerns.